Sleep Apnea

Why Do I Sleep So Much?

Although the amount of sleep you need can vary depending on age, most average adults should be getting at least seven hours each night. Oversleeping on occasion can be a healthy way for your body to make up for being sick or not getting enough sleep, but if you regularly sleep in, there may be

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Dr. Shukovsky Receives Diplomate Status with the American Sleep and Breathing Academy!

We are proud to announce that Dr. Edward Shukovsky is now a board-certified Diplomate of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy (ASBA)! To earn this prestigious status, Dr. Shukovsky has remained dedicated to the study of dental sleep medicine, working hard to better understand the complexities of snoring and sleep apnea. Much like many other

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How Can I Stop Snoring?

If you snore in your sleep, it’s likely that you haven’t been getting much rest. In fact, if you share your bed with a loved one, they probably have been losing sleep, as well. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can reduce snoring and help improve your overall quality of sleep. There are many

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Stamford Dentist on Understanding Connection Between TMD and Sleep Apnea

Stamford, CT – Dr. Edward Shukovsky, a practitioner of dentistry in Stamford, who has extensive experience treating people with sleep apnea, says that Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) and sleep apnea are more related than one might think. The steps dentists take to evaluate a patient for either condition are quite similar. Dr. Shukovsky believes that

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Stamford Dentist on Sleep Apnea Health Risks and Treatment

Stamford, CT – Dr. Edward Shukovsky, a practitioner of Stamford dentistry, has many patients – or their partners – come to him with complaints of snoring. Many of these people are suffering from sleep apnea without even knowing it. Dr. Shukovsky strives to educate his patients to help them get the rest they need –

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Sleep Apnea – At What Cost?

Economics - The word conjures up thoughts of Adam Smith and John Kenneth Galbraith.  But the economics of dentistry is as relevant to the dentist as it is to the patient.  Making dentistry available to our patients is of the highest priority.  It is why we do what we do.  What good is excellent dentistry

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