Invisalign,Sedation Dentistry,  Lasers. 

These techniques are just three examples of how modern dentistry has changed so dramatically over the last few years.

 Invisalign has made it so very easy for patients to have the smile that they have always wanted, very often without having any other dental procedures performed. The treatment time can vary, but very often within one year, and sometimes in less than six months, the Invisalign can be completed and the smile is enhanced.

Sedation Dentistry has lowered the anxiety for our patients that have certain fears of having their dental work performed.  For procedures that take 30 minutes to those that take hours, the patient can be sedated safely and comfortably.  

Lasers in dentistry have changed the day to day operation of restorative dentistry. Have you ever played a CD player?  Did you know there is a laser within the CD player that reads the CD?  Many of the techniques that were part of traditional dentistry, like using the ‘drill,’ are now being performed by lasers.  The interesting part is you really don’t notice the dental laser,  just like the working of the CD.