We should have our teeth throughout our life. Our teeth should survive us. Think about that. We are living longer and we have greater access to better dental care than our parents and grandparents partly due to many enhancements in the world of cosmetic dentistry. Our children go without cavities, for the most part. We are seeing far fewer tooth loss than even one generation ago. How does this impact a forty year old or a fifty year old? The need to make sure that the dental care that one is receiving is there for the long haul. It is one thing if the average longevity is 60 years of age. It is completely different if longevity is 80 or 90 years of age. Keeping one’s teeth in health is as important as keeping one’s physical health. There has been a great deal of research regarding dental health and the cardiac implications. Low birth weight babies have been reported for mothers with gum problems. Taking care of our teeth goes beyond the mouth; it is a systemic issue. Recently, a relative of mine that is 65 years old stated that he never started to feel old until he lost a tooth.

So make sure your oral health and dental checkups are where they should be. And go have a long, healthy and happy life.

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