Cosmetic Dentistry.  What does it encompass?  Bleaching Teeth, Whitening teeth, Resin Fillings, Ceramic Inlays and Onlays, Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, Smile Makeovers, Invisalign, Traditional Orthodontics and Laser Dentistry.

Very often a patient comes in and states that his or her teeth need to be whiter.  But upon closer investigation, we find that the problem is not just the color of the teeth.   Shape, position, spacing, crowding, old dental work, discolored resin fillings, fractured teeth, decay and the list goes on….

Comprehensive cosmetic dental treatment requires the long view.  The long conversation with your dentist.  There is rarely the quick fix in cosmetic dentistry.  To get the smile that you always dreamed of, cosmetic dentistry requires a disciplined approach to structured principles in traditional and modern dentistry.  Yes, sometimes there is the easy fix and the smile can be made to the patient’s satisfaction.  But more often than not, to create the smile that is desired, a complex treatment plan needs to developed and followed.  Maybe Invisalign needs to be employed.  Maybe traditional braces.  Maybe Veneers or Ceramic Crowns.  And, yes, maybe some bleaching. 

We take for granted that some of the modern techniques can do things that we never dreamed of before.  But not all veneers, for example, are created equal.  The quality of the laboratory a dentist uses can determine the success or failure of any restoration.  The laboratory is the dentist’s partner; without a great laboratory, there is no great dentistry.  My personal laboratory technician, Mr. Jeff Austin of UVDL, is as devoted to the best smile for our patients as I am.  That combination helps to achieve the very best smile design and creation that dentistry can provide.  So whether it is four veneers or a full mouth rehabilitation of twenty-eight crowns, Jeff Austin is there with us helping to create that great smile.

Behind every great dentist is a great team.  This includes the staff, the laboratory, the equipment and technology and the desire to achieve excellence.  There are no shortcuts and rarely are there easy fixes.  Cosmetic Dentistry is as much a philosophy as it is a service.

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