General Dentistry

While Dr. Edward Shukovsky is an experienced restorative and cosmetic dentist, he offers general dentistry at his practice, as well. The main focus of the restorative and cosmetic dentistry practice of Dr. Shukovsky is obvious, but without providing general dentistry services, the cosmetic and restorative diagnoses would not be possible.

What Is General Dentistry?

There are several areas of practice that fall under general dentistry:

  • Initial Consultation
    During the initial consultation, you will meet with Dr. Shukovsky and our staff. After the initial dental exam and X-rays have taken place, Dr. Shukovsky will review the results with you. Pending diagnosis of any dental health issues that may require attention, a treatment plan can be decided upon and carried out at our practice.
  • Dental Exams
    Dental exams are a routine element of any dental visit. Through some minor inspections of the surfaces of the teeth, Dr. Shukovsky can better evaluate the dental health of the patient.
  • Dental X-rays
    While a common dental exam can find many imperfections in the teeth, X-rays are required to fully view the structure of the teeth. Through dental X-rays it is possible to view the interior make-up of the teeth and jaw. Many dental issues that would normally go unnoticed during a routine dental exam are discovered thanks to X-rays.
  • Dental Cleanings
    Dental cleanings are another aspect of dental care that most individuals will find routine. The cleanings remove undesired plaque, tartar, and bacteria from the teeth and gums. Dental cleanings are designed to clean and protect the teeth, and when performed in conjunction with proper dental hygiene, can help promote proper dental health.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings
    Oral cancer is a disease that can strike anyone, not only obvious candidates. To help diagnose oral cancer early, it is important to perform routine oral cancer screenings at home. Signs of oral cancer include swelling, lumps, or crust on the gums, unexplained bleeding or numbness, and the development of colored patches in the mouth. Dr. Shukovsky and our staff thoroughly inspect our patients for oral cancer on each office visit.
  • Dental Hygiene Education
    Proper dental hygiene at home is the most important step in good dental health. While providing general dentistry to our patients, Dr. Shukovsky and our staff also strive to educate our patients and the community on the importance of proper dental hygiene. Good dental hygiene could reduce your need for extensive dental work in the future.

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