Coping with Dental Phobia

Regular professional dental care is an important part of overall health. Unfortunately, too many people forego teeth maintenance due to dental fear. Dental sedation is offered at our practice to maximize comfort and relaxation during cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry treatments. Dental sedation is also an effective form of dental phobia treatment. The anxiety of undergoing dental treatments is always far worse than the actual visit. If you experience fear or apprehension when visiting the dentist, we will help you to conquer those fears and put you on the road to excellent oral health and years of beautiful smiles.

Led by Stamford cosmetic dentist Edward Shukovsky, D.M.D., we strive to provide you with a satisfying dental experience, free from anxiety. To learn more about dental sedation, contact our team of dental professionals to schedule a consultation today!

Quality Dental Phobia Treatment

Dental phobia comes from a variety of sources. Some people fear pain, needles, or loss of control. Whatever the basis of the anxiety, it is a fear that can be overcome with proper dental techniques and a caring, skillful staff of dental professionals.

For total comfort during procedures, two major dental sedation options are available at our practice: oral sedation and nitrous oxide sedation. Both options are totally safe, needle-free, and completely relaxing. While you will be able to respond to questions while under sedation, you will have very little awareness and memory of the actual procedure. Most patients who come in feeling nervous are surprised at how easy their treatment was after dental sedation.

Contact Us to Learn More about Dental Sedation

If you require teeth maintenance or more extensive dental work, but are anxious about a dental appointment, we will help to alleviate your fear and give you a pleasant experience. To learn more about how we can help you overcome dental phobia with care and dental sedation, contact our dental practice for a consultation today.