Laser Periodontal Treatment – Lightwalker Laser

We are proud to offer laser periodontics to our patients as a way to improve their overall experience with deep cleanings. Laser techniques can lead to more comfortable treatment, are often more effective, and typically can be completed in less time than traditional methods. With the Lightwalker Laser, cosmetic dentist Edward Shukovsky, DMD can successfully treat periodontal (gum) disease – often without the need for anesthesia.

Benefits of Laser Periodontics with the Lightwalker Laser

Using a minimally-invasive method called WPT (Wavelength-Optimized Periodontal Therapy™), Dr. Shukovsky can sterilize areas of the mouth affected by periodontal disease with exceptional results. Some of the key benefits of this technique can include:


  • Virtually no discomfort to the patient
  • More rapid healing after treatment
  • Shorter treatment sessions when compared to conventional methods
  • More effective sterilization for improved oral health

How Does the Lightwalker Laser Work?

Using two different wavelengths – Nd:YAG and Er:YAG – the Lightwalker Laser is designed to perform a multitude of tasks, including disinfecting and cauterizing, and it can be used on both hard and soft tissues.

When treating gum disease with a deep cleaning from the Lightwalker Laser, Dr. Shukovsky can use the Nd:YAG wavelength to remove infected tissue and the Er:YAG to eliminate calculus (tartar). The Er:YAG wavelength also works together with water to sterilize the targeted area. By setting the wavelength to an output below a threshold where the patient would normally feel discomfort, Dr. Shukovsky can remove decay virtually painlessly. The Lightwalker Laser is also designed to stimulate the body’s healing response, which can help enable tissue to heal faster than with traditional techniques.

Other Uses

Beyond periodontic treatment, the Lightwalker Laser can be used for a number of other applications, including:

  • WhiteLase™ – Using the Lightwalker Laser, Dr. Shukovsky is able to offer advanced laser teeth whitening for a brighter, whiter smile. The laser energy is used to gently remove stains from your teeth for dramatic results! With WhiteLase™ laser teeth whitening, your teeth can be up to ten shades whiter after just one visit.
  • SmoothLase™ – This FDA-Approved use of the Lightwalker Laser allows Dr. Shukovsky to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth. The light energy is applied inside the mouth, tightening the tissues and rejuvenating the face from the inside out.

Contact Us to Learn More about the Lightwalker Laser

Contact us today if you would like more information about how the Lightwalker Laser may be able to benefit you at your next dental visit. During a patient consultation, Dr. Shukovsky can provide you with personalized answers to any questions you might have about your oral health. We look forward to hearing from you soon!