Dentistry and Lasers

LaserOur cosmetic dentistry office has three types of dental lasers. One is called the Lightwalker diode laser, another is the Hoya ConBio Versawave Erbium-Yag. The third is a diagnostic laser, the Kavo Diagnodent, that is able to detect cavities within the tooth (disease diagnosis). These three lasers are amazing, each in their own right. The diode laser is a soft tissue laser. This means it can adjust the tissue (gum) with pinpoint accuracy. The cellular damage is minimal creating a pain-free healing process. The other laser, the Erbium-Yag, is a soft and hard tissue laser, allowing us to adjust the gum as well as the enamel of the tooth. It can replace the drill in many instances.

These lasers are a very fine adjunct to modern dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry has been improved because we can move the gum very easily with the wave of a laser. The Erbium-Yag literally sterilizes the dental preparation allowing us to remove decay and, many times, avoiding the need for a root canal.

Research has shown that both hard and soft tissue lasers are minimally invasive and involve less tissue removal than conventional methods. We see this every single day in our office. Lasers are now being used in the treatment of periodontal disease to clean unhealthy soft tissue from the deeper ‘pockets’ that may surround a tooth. What makes this wonderful is that it is a totally painless procedure.