For as long as I can remember, I always wanted that perfect smile. The dentist chair has always made me nervous so for many years I settled for a smile. I had a very large space between my front teeth and other problems. After my initial consultation with Dr. Shukovsky and learning about the Invisalign procedure, he informed me that I was a great candidate and all my fears would go away, and he and his staff could help me achieve that perfect smile. He was right!
The Invisalign process was painless and exciting and Dr. Shukovsky and his team made me feel comfortable the entire time. After the Invisalign process, I had a number of implants placed and they were restored with crowns. A year and a half later my self esteem was boosted and Iʼm smiling all the time to show off my perfect smile. Dr. Shukovsky and his dental staff are an amazing group of professionals.
Thank you Dr. Shukovsky and your staff.

Sincerely, William T.


I went to dental school to learn dentistry.  Diagnosis, treatment, technical skills were all part and parcel of the dental curriculum.  What I did not expect is how much I could change people’s lives.  How happy I could make someone by whitening teeth, using Invisalign to correct tooth alignment, replacing a tooth or multiple teeth.  The connection between our smile and how people view us and we view ourselves is more powerful than I ever imagined.  It is one the the most exciting things I can do in my practice; to help a patient achieve that goal of a smile that pleases. To help their self-image. 

William, in his testimonial, is one of those patients.  He is so happy with his smile and our office feels such a great sense of accomplishment in helping him achieve his goals.  With modern dentistry and it’s technology it is easy to lose sight of the fact that it is the personal relationship that is most important.