Last night I got an email through the website that asked about Invisalign.  I decided to call Marge immediately  (not her real name)  since during the day it is my staff that fields the calls and I rarely get a chance to have unlimited time with a prospective patient.  Marge was very surprised to get such a quick response and the conversation that followed was very revealing to me.  She understood her problem and it was clear I was dealing with an informed consumer of healthcare!  This young lady was from Holland and knew what the problems were and what she needed, “small space between the front teeth, crowded lateral incisors.” Invisalign was the right choice for her after she did the research, she told me.  She really did not know me, my office, my background….yet through the flow of the conversation trust was created.  Of course she needs to make an appointment (we are seeing her today at noon) for me to properly diagnosis and offer a treatment plan, but Marge and I were able to have a great, albeit brief, frank talk about her needs. The point is that with all the great technology available to us, there is no substitute for the one-on-one discussion.  I look forward to seeing Marge later today.

I am a dentist that has always enjoyed the latest in technology.   Erbium/Yag laser, diode laser, Velscope for detecting oral lesions, Diagnodent laser for detecting incipient (early) cavities, Invisalign (did you know that Invisalign is high tech? It is!) and digital X-rays are all fine and good….but it is the connection to my patients that fuels my passion and my team’s passion for dentistry.