Ok. Two weeks into my own Invisalign and it really is as easy as it sounds.  I am actually surprised by how comfortable the Invisalign aligners (retainers) are.  Most of my patients and friends have not noticed.  My speech has not changed at all, which is a good thing since everybody that knows me knows I like to talk.  I am on my second set of aligners and this is a breeze.  For the first day of each aligner, I felt the tightness of the clear braces but it goes completely away within a day.  At two weeks out I already see positive movement of my lower crowded teeth.  Wearing the Invisalign aligners 24/7 except for meals and oral hygiene has not been and issue.  It is easy to see why these lightweight, tooth-moving , thin pieces of plastic are so popular to move teeth.

I’ll keep you posted about my Invisalign experience!