I am loving my Invisalign.  All my patients have not noticed; I’ve had to point it out.  When patients hear I’m wearing Invisalign retainers I get this:

******* Why do you have Invisalign? Your teeth are perfect

I had a slight amount of crowding in my lower front teeth; not quite perfect.

The technology behind Invisalign is really intriguing and going through the process myself , of course, helps me relate even more to my patients.

I find the aligners very comfortable and I am really enjoying watch my teeth move into their ‘proper’ positions.

These aligners are so comfortable you don’t even realize that you have them in!

When I look at all the great technologies and techniques that we have in today’s modern dentistry, Invisalign stands out as one of the best innovations.

Modern dentistry has sedation, lasers, velscope cancer detection, laser caries detection, digital x-ray systems, Invisalign.   There really is no reason to avoid dental care today.