I just got Invisalign for myself.

  Why?  My lower teeth have started to crowd.  Two’s company, three’s a crowd.  And three teeth were overlapping each other slightly.  Hardly noticeable to anyone but me.  But I have watched the progression over time and if I do it now it will require less work.  I had braces years ago, the metal ones, and now I decided to try the ‘clear braces,’ AKA Invisalign.  The Invisalign is comfortable and virtually invisable.  It does not affect my speech and patients tell me that they did not notice the clear aligners.  And I should have great teeth, right? Don’t you expect me to have great teeth?  I am a dentist, after all.  A cosmetic dentist, no less!  I think it is important for my patients to see me have the same concern for my teeth that I would like them to see for theirs.  Would you go to an obese cardiologist?  Last year I decided that some of my older dental work needed to be replaced.  My friend, colleague and mentor, Dr. Sheldon Seidman, a cosmetic dentist in Chicago, replaced about three old amalgam (silver) fillings and three crowns.   As a dentist, getting dental care done to me was an eye-opener.  It grounds me to what I do on patients everyday.  It increases the sensitivity factor that is already set on high.   And that sensitivity extends to all aspects of care such as a hygiene appointment, a simple filling or a full mouth reconstruction.    So whether it is Invisalign or restorative dentistry, my commitment should and does extend to the way I care for myself.  And my advice is not to go to an obese cardiologist!