Invisalign is one of those procedures that makes dentistry fun for patients. It is easy to do and the results are seen very quickly. Invisalign has been around for almost ten years and we have never had a patient disappointed in the results. Unlike traditional braces, the amount of force from the plastic ‘aligners’ is minimal. The aligners are clear and comfortable. In the pursuit of dental excellence, here again we are not just talking about cosmetics. Having the teeth in proper alignment is good for the bite and the surrounding tissues. If the teeth are crowded together they cannot be cleaned easily and plaque (bacteria) will stay in the hard-to-get areas. The chronic inflammation that results causes bone loss around each tooth. Dental health is part of overall health and not a separate entity. Have you noticed that the people you see with the best smiles seem to be the healthiest. Not a big surprise.

Invisalign stands out as one of those procedures that can be completely satisfying. It straightens the teeth, providing for a healthier, whiter smile. Why whiter? While the patient is wearing the aligners, a small amount of gel can be placed that whitens at the same time. A win-win!

If you are interested, let us know and we would be happy to discuss if invisalgn is right for you.

Excellence in dentistry is not just about treating teeth; it includes caring for the entire patient in the best way we know how. In my office we are always evolving to meld the latest in technology, along with our extensive experience to push ourselves to improved patient care. Our ‘search’ for excellence is an intrinsic part of what we do.