Today our office is seeing sixteen patients.  It is Tuesday, March 30th, 2010. It is now exactly 3:00 and more than half the day is gone.  I can tell you that the staff and I cannot believe how fast the day goes by.  Technology today helps us work more efficiently than ever before, so that we can get more done in a given amount of time. We are going towards a ‘paperless’ office with a software product called Dentrix.  We can check the bite with the computerized bite analysis by T-Scan.  We can check for oral cancer with our Velscope.  We can email digital xrays to our referrals via digital transfer through the internet.  I can email photographs to the lab for shade and shape.  We send 75% of our records to Invisalign through the internet.  Our dental lasers were used today to remove decay near the pulp and to make sure the margin of a crown prep was exposed properly for the impression.  It is hard to believe how we used to practice given this true revolution within the dental field. 

Invisalign has taken a complex dental procedure and made it more available to our patients.  We received a case today from Invisalign and we will be calling the patient to come in for the first insertion appointment.  He is coming in for the elimination of large spaces between his teeth that he has never liked having.  I will be following this Invisalign case in by blog with photographs as we progress.