Dentrix Software is distributed by Henry Schein.  I just bought the package that integrates all aspects of the practice including patient education.  In a busy practice it is not about being busy; it is about spending the most amount of time with each patient.  I am hoping the software can raise some level of efficiency within the office so that we can spend more of our time consulting with our patients.  I heard a news commentator yesterday say that the airlines seem to be in the business of providing less and charging more.  They seem to have stopped searching for excellence. And they have found new ways to provide less.  Spirit Airways says they will now charge for carry-ons!!

Although we provide a wide range of services, we expect the best outcome that we can achieve.  Invisalign, bleaching, dental laser treatments for the gums, sedation and cosmetic dentistry, veneers and full mouth rehabilitation all require that we focus and the needs and desires of our patients.  It seems that in our society that the service end of businesses has been lacking. We take pride in the fact that it is not lacking in our office.