Do you know someone that has crooked teeth?  Or lots of space between the teeth?  People have been told for decades that they need to have braces for two years along with a major cost associated with the goal to get straight teeth.  Well, that is no longer true.  You or a friend can have straight teeth in six months with a newer technique called, “Six Month Smiles.”  Let’s look at this really interesting orthodontic service…

Six Month Smiles is about getting straight teeth quickly and less of a price tag than traditional orthodontics.  This does not take the place of comprehensive orthodontics.  Six Month Smiles is not about fixing everything.  It is about fixing what bothers the patient the most.  For the vast majority of adults, Six Month Smiles is the right answer.  The saying, for children we treat idealistically, for adults we treat realistically, speaks volumes for the philosophy of Six Month Smiles.  We are looking for the right and minimal amount of treatment that gives us a satisfied patient without all the details associated with comprehensive orthodontics.

So if you are considering orthodontics, do not overlook Six Month Smiles as an alternative to traditional treatments.  In our office, we are very excited about this type of treatment and would love to discuss this with you.  Consider a free consultation today.

Thanks for visiting 🙂  And let us help you or a friend get straight teeth!