We have had the newest laser added to our armentarium that is truly exciting.  It is a diode laser, the Discus Styla,  that is about the same size as a Sonicare toothbrush.  It is rechargeable and so lightweight it can be carried throughout the operatories with ease.  What does it do?  The diode works on soft tissue so there are many uses for this technology.  A few years ago these lasers were as big as a typewriter and now they are more than convenient to use.  Deep periodontal pocketing can be cleaned out painlessly.  The laser actually sterilizes the deep pocket, getting rid of the harmful bacteria that are harboring  there.  This laser can also contour tissue for a cosmetic result or ‘trough’ around the tissue in preparation for a new crown.   It can ablate a canker sore so that it heals faster. All painlessly!  I will write more about this newer dental technology again soon.  Very exciting.