Today was an interesting day at the office.  We had a number of calls from new patients interested in:

1) Invisalign

2) Sedation Dentistry

3) Digital Xrays

What makes this interesting is that I can understand a patient being interested in the first two, but surprised that a patient would be inquiring about our digital Xray system.  As it was told to me, her existing dentist does not have digital Xrays and she had heard that the reduction in radiation was up to 75%.  She was correct in that digital Xrays, we the Dexis system, reduces gamma radiation quite significantly.  Digital Xray systems have many other attributes, but her focus was on the radiation.  Her concern was that her previous dentist was not keeping up with the latest technology and, because of that, she was not being protected as well from the possible effects of the radiation.  I really never considered that this piece of technology, Digital Xrays,  would also attract patients, but I can now understand the rationale.  I love this stuff.