Many patients are asking me, “why sedation dentistry?” Before I got involved with sedating our patients, I believed that once patients were introduced to our office they would feel so comfortable the need for sedation would be none existent. The fact is that a substantial number of people avoid going to the dentist due to fear. Estimates have been made of thirty to fifty percent. Sedation for restorative dental care is relatively new given the amount of time a patient needs to be in the office to undergo treatment. With oral sedation, a patient can be made extremely comfortable from one to nine hours. It is truly amazing to see a fearful patient undergo sedation care. That patient, once petrified from the thought of any dentistry, becomes relaxed. The patient usually does not have any recall of the sedated appointment!
A safe and predictable way of relieving dental anxiety is just one spoke in the wheel of trying to provide excellence in delivering dental care to our patients.
Other ‘spokes’ include technical skill, a kind, patient-oriented staff, a warm and friendly atmosphere an uncompromising dental laboratory and a dedication to continued education by the dentist and staff. I plan on writing more about these other areas in the near future.

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