Cosmetic Dentistry. Periodontics.  Endodontics. Implant Dentistry. Reconstructive Dentistry. Adhesive Dentistry.  Invisalign. Six Month Smiles.  Sedation Dentistry. Digital X-Rays.  Sleep medicine.  Laser Dentistry Dentistry has changed dramatically within the last thirty years.  The changes in dentistry have occurred because dentistry went from mythological beliefs to evidence-based science.  Evidenced-based.  Sound research.  I remember when a fellow classmate of mine left etchant on a tooth more than the time that we were told was acceptable and I found him crying in the locker room.  He was certain he caused the patient to need a root canal.  Twenty years later it was shown by John Kanca that leaving the etchant on the tooth too long had no adverse effects on the pulp of the tooth.   Science is science.

Have you heard the term ‘evidenced-based’?  This is the world of being well researched.  Good studies.  Trust and honesty.  Not myth and beliefs.  Does an oral appliance help in sleep apnea or is the CPAP the only viable mode of treatment?  Evidence-based research clearly shows that the oral appliance is effective in reducing the deadly effects of sleep apnea.

Are there any differences between the top tier of dental implants and their generic counterparts?  This has not been well researched.  But I will tell you that when I am in doubt, I side with the top tier.  I would rather err on the side of the proprietary dental implant.

So check out the facts.  As they said on the TV program Dragnet, just the facts, just the facts.

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