In my last blog, I wrote about ‘Sleep Apnea and Saving Lives’ because I believe that we need to pay attention to this deadly disease.  The medical issues surrounding Sleep Apnea are serious, complex and require a team approach that includes the patient, physician and dentist.  Today the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that a State Representative, 58 years old, died in his sleep from Sleep Apnea.  He had a sleep study done in August at a local hospital and was prescribed a CPAP.  He did not wear it because he felt it was uncomfortable.  It is well documented that the CPAP does not have good compliance.  Finding the right solution for each patient is paramount, whatever combination of treatments that may involve.

What makes this a tragedy is that it is preventable, with an emphasis on early diagnosis and appropriate treatment.  Getting the word out that this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed will save lives.  Here is the obituary from today’s Philadelphia Inquirer:




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