Virtually Pain-Free Laser Periodontal Treatment Offered by Stamford Dentist

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Dr. Edward Shukovsky uses the Lightwalker Laser as a more comfortable alternative to traditional gum disease treatments.

Stamford, CT — When it comes to periodontal disease, Stamford dentist Edward Shukovsky, DMD says there is now a virtually pain-free method for treatment. He explains that conventional methods can sometimes be uncomfortable or painful for patients, but with technological advances in the dental field, many patients may now be able to receive a deeper cleaning without discomfort. Dr. Shukovsky utilizes the Lightwalker Laser, which he says is a revolutionary new device that employs two different laser wavelengths for improved patient care.

The Lightwalker Laser consists of two wavelengths – Nd:YAG and Er:YAG. Each wavelength can be used to enhance periodontal treatment, according to Dr. Shukovsky. To eliminate infected tissue, he employs the Nd:YAG wavelength, which can also be utilized for a technique called biomodulation designed to stimulate the healing process. The Er:YAG wavelength on the Lightwalker Laser uses water to maximize patient comfort. Dr. Shukovsky explains that the laser can heat the water molecules appropriately so that the infected area can be sterilized.

In a recent blog post titled, “Virtually Painless Laser Treatment for Gum Disease,” Dr. Shukovsky explains that one of the main benefits of this treatment is the ability to adjust the laser’s output. He says this unique feature allows him to program the laser to function at a level below the threshold at which his patients would normally begin to feel discomfort. With this innovative design element, Dr. Shukovsky feels his patients will be able to receive virtually pain-free periodontal therapy.

Ultimately, Dr. Shukovsky believes that by implementing the Lightwalker Laser into his practice, he will be able to help more of his patients recover from the effects of gum disease, leading to improved oral health. He hopes individuals who suffer from periodontal disease will take the time to learn more about the benefits of laser periodontal treatment, and he strongly recommends for them to schedule a consultation with a qualified dental professional should they choose to seek treatment.

About Edward Shukovsky, D.M.D.

Dr. Shukovsky is an active member of several prestigious dental organizations, such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and the Connecticut State Dental Association. He is the head of his private dental practice in Stamford, and he works with the State of Connecticut Office of Public Health as a dental expert, reviewing cases as needed. Dr. Shukovsky is available for interview upon request.

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