Dental Implant Candidates

Individuals who are missing one or more teeth can often benefit from dental implants. However, this advanced restorative option may not be right for everyone. Dr. Edward Shukovsky works closely with each of our patients to help them determine if this treatment is the best solution for their individual situation. Below are some of the candidacy requirements he takes into consideration when consulting with patients seeking dental implants for permanent tooth replacement:

  • One or more missing or damaged teeth
  • Adequate bone density in the jaw (necessary for accommodating the implant)
  • In good overall health and free of any conditions that may inhibit proper healing
  • Fully developed jawbone
  • Reasonably healthy gum tissue
  • Not currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment

If you are considered an appropriate candidate, Dr. Shukovsky can create a personalized treatment plan and have high-quality dental implant restorations custom-made specifically for you. His close partnership with our talented dental lab ensures that each of our dental implant patients receives beautiful restorations designed to look, feel, and function like their natural teeth. Other restorative treatments, such as anchored dentures or dental bridges, can be ideal alternative solutions for individuals who do not meet the candidacy requirements for dental implants.

Dental implants can be an excellent way to revitalize your smile while improving your ability to speak and eat. To find out if this treatment is right for you, please contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shukovsky. During your appointment, he will conduct a thorough exam to assess your overall health, gum health, and jawbone density. Based on your exam, Dr. Shukovsky can help you select a restorative treatment that best addresses your unique needs.